Coldplay Live Show

The Challenge

A call from CP Pro Tools ninja, Matt Miller, set out the desired functionality of a Mac Application to sit alongside the latest version of Avid’s popular digital audio workstation, Pro Tools 11.

Rather than switching between Pro Tools Sessions for each song, it was decided that all Coldplay tracks and sound effects would be combined into one large master Pro Tools Session.

In addition to Coldplay’s huge back catalogue, the band would also need immediate recall of multiple song versions from short Radio edits to obscure extended versions from previous tours.

With hundreds of memory locations, the required solution would streamline the performance by storing, and automatically recalling, a setlist of markers or selections from this one master Session.

The Solution

Setlist Manager has been designed to streamline Coldplay’s playback driven live show by importing all Pro Tools memory locators and enabling the quick creation of recallable Setlists.

A MIDI trigger embedded at the end of each song will instruct Setlist Manager, and in turn, Pro Tools to cue up the next song in the CP setlist.

Recently updated for Coldplay’s 2016/17 ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ World tour, Setlist Manager now utilises Apple’s Core Data technology to enable multiple setlists to be stored, recalled, and duplicated as a starting point for new shows.

 Dedicated virtual MIDI ports provide safe passage for our show control messages to ensure the system is as reliable as possible.