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What is OnStage?

This nifty little Mac Application take the stress out of your live performance.

With OnStage running seamlessly alongside your chosen DAW, a new level of MIDI controllable file management is added above either Logic Pro or Ableton Live, enabling quick switching between Projects or Live Sets.

How does it do that then?

Onstage enables the user to assign a unique Midi Program Change message to 30 different Logic Pro Projects or Ableton LiveSets. This allows the performer to recall each Project or LiveSet via an 'OnStage' Midi control message.

A Midi which-what?

When OnStage receives a Program Change message, sent by any standard Midi hardware, the current Logic Pro Project or Ableton LiveSet is closed and the file assigned to the received Program Change message is loaded.


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Control your Playback

If you're using Playback Tracks within your performance, OnStage allows you to make changes to multiple Logic Pro or Ableton Live files on the fly.

Quickly incorporate automation into your Playback, and without the need to Bounce to a separate Stage Application, changing your Playback Tracks minutes before a performance is a real possibility.

Ableton Live - Wouldn't you just use one Ableton LiveSet?

We love amassing clips in Ableton Live, but sometimes it's more efficient to treat each song as a separate LiveSet. Use OnStage as a Midi controlled file management system that sits above Live to keep track of your latest performance LiveSets.

Transform your Logic Environment

OnStage essentially provides a selection of recallable studio set-ups, transforming your Logic Pro Environment into a powerful Midi patchbay.
Create a unique set of connections from your incoming Midi ports for every song in your set.
Port 1 might be mapped to your EXS24 sampler for the openning number, while it routes to your EVP-88 plug-in via a pitch change transformer for the second.

Instruments and Effects

A collection of recallable Projects allows for a unique set of virtual intstruments and effects for each song in a performer's set-list.

Your DAW can essentially become a suite of effects patches and routings that are instantly recallable via a single Midi Program Change message.



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