Configure your Logic X Projects for OnStageX

OnStageX creates a virtual MIDI port for communication messages to be sent from Logic Pro X.

(Please ensure you are using Logic Pro X Version 10.0.7 or higher)

Create a new external MIDI track in each Logic X Project intended to be used in your OnStageX Setlist.

With OnStageX running, select ‘OnStageX Virtual Input’ as the output MIDI port for this track.

In each Project, insert a 127 Program Change MIDI message (any MIDI channel) on this communication track at the point at which you would like to close each Project and load the next in your Setlist.

When your Project reaches this Program Change MIDI message on the Logic Pro X timeline, a message will be sent to OnStageX to close the current Project without saving changes, and load the next Project in your Setlist.

You might also wish to assign the Logic Pro X Global Key Command ‘Play From Beginning’ to an external MIDI device to start each Project when ready (foot pedal, MIDI controller surface etc.).

Please Note: To prevent OnStageX jumping down your Setlist by receiving multiple ‘next song’ messages, please ensure that Chase Program Change messages are switched off in every Project.

(Logic Pro X: File/Project Settings/MIDI/Chase/Program Change/unchecked)

Don’t forget to save your Logic Pro X Project with this Program Change track.

You are now ready to add Projects to the OnStageX interface.

Create your OnStageX Setlist

Add Projects

Please note: We suggest configuring all your Logic Pro X Projects before adding them to OnStageX to prevent your Program Change messages from closing the current Project.

Drag and drop Logic Pro X projects into the OnStageX interface.  Projects can also be added using the ‘Add New Project’menu item.

Projects can be rearranged to form your Setlist.

Use the minus interface button, delete key, or ‘Remove selected Project’ menu item to remove Projects from your Setlist.

Use the arrow interface button, right arrow key, or Go to selected Project’ menu item to load the currently selected Project.

Right click any OnStageX Project to show the current file path.

If multiple Projects open, try gradually increasing the ‘Open Next Project Delay’ in the OnStageX Preferences.

My Project keep closing when inserting the ‘next song’ Program Change message

We suggest configuring all your Logic Pro X Projects before adding them to OnStageX.

Otherwise the Program Change messages will trigger OnStageX to close the current Project.

How do I start each song playing?

Logic Pro X will allow you to assign any MIDI message to essential commands, such as Play From Beginning.

Goto the Logic Pro X main menu / Key Commands / Edit.  Under Global Commands you will find Play From Beginning.

Click Learn New Assignment to assign this message to any MIDI device such as a keyboard MIDI Pad or MIDI foot pedal.

Why do I sometimes see two Projects open?

If there is a delay in closing the previous Project, we suggest gradually increasing the ‘Open Next Project Delay’ in the OnStageX Preferences.

Why does OnStageX jump two songs in the Setlist?

This is usually caused by OnStageX being instructed to auto-load the next song twice.

Please check that MIDI Chase Program Change is switched off  in all Logic Pro X Projects.

Our support video shows this in more detail

Creating a Setlist

OnStageX has stopped responding / the Virtual Port has disappeared

If OnStageX stops responding to the auto-load trigger, this is usually caused by Logic Pro X dropping the OnStageX Virtual Port.

To fix this go to the Logic Pro X Preferences/MIDI and click Reset All MIDI Drivers.

The OnStageX Virtual Port will reappear in the MIDI Output Port list.

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